Monday, February 22, 2010

Minneapolis home inspection


Many people already know that a home should be inspected as part of the purchase agreement. For those who do not, be sure to add an inspection contingency to your purchase agreement to help yourself be protected. Now that we are clear everyone in Minnesota who is in the process of, or is going to be, buying a home needs to have it inspected, lets discuss how that process works and what to look out for.
Buyers need to be certain that the inspector is not some guy with a pickup truck and flashlight. Minnesota home inspectors currently have no licensing available, UNDERSTAND, some inspectors claim to be licensed in Minnesota, but if they do not license home inspectors, then what are they licensed for. What you can look for is a Minnesota home inspector who is certified by a reputable organization. For instance, we are certified by InterNachi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). Be careful of home inspectors stating all sorts of years of experience as the deciding factor. Many people tell me how there last inspector had all sorts of "years" of experience, but did a lousy job (lazy), and did not check out things that may have meant a little extra effort. We have experience, but we also go the extra mile. Be sure your home inspector is willing to go the extra mile. What kind of training did they acquire, what equipment do they use to help aid in the process of discovery defects and what do they do if they encounter a sealed attic hatch. I can tell you from experience, that most Real Estate agents that I deal with on the selling side are stunned when I call asking permission to cut open the seal on an attic hatch to access the attic. Some have even questioned why I would need to, especially when it is newer construction. References, other than that of your Realtor, are a good thing. Be careful of a Realtor who say you should use "his guy". A Realtor has a vested interest in making sure the sale goes through. I work with a select few Realtors who understand that I am there to inspect for my client and not them. This relationship works for all parties involved. The Realtor also understands that by referring me, I am going to make sure I do a fantastic job for the client and make them look good.
Below are some examples of a technology I highly recommend you seek out, and yes we offer, if you plan on truly having a home inspected. The technology is thermal infrared imaging. If you have any questions about a Minneapolis or Saint Paul home inspection, or comments, please feel free to view our website @

Above is a picture of a water damaged ceiling, Missing insulation in the attic and moisture damage from an improperly vented bathroom fan.